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The reason why Usman Danfodio launched the Jihad war of 1804.

When ever you read about the history of Islam in Nigeria, the name Usman Danfodio is always mentioned. The reason why his name is mentioned is because he was responsible for launching the Jihad war of 1804. The primary reason for the Jihad war was to strengthen the Islamic religion in the northern parts of Nigeria.

When Usman Danfodio finished his tutorials in an Islamic school located in Egypt, he returned back to the Northern part of Nigeria. When he returned, he was unhappy with what he saw. Upon his arrival, he accused the Hausa leaders of pagan practices. He claimed that Islam was not more strong in the Northern part of Nigeria so it needed to be restored. In order for Islam to be restored, he declared the Jihad war.

The Jihad war was meant to eradicate pagan practices in the Hausa land and bring the full dominance of Islam in the Northern regions. Many Hausa Kingdoms fell during the Jihad war. This was the major reason why Usman Danfodio decided to declare the Jihad war in 1804.

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