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Let It Sink Into Your Mind, The People For Whom You Are Ready To Die Will Betray You One Day-Mbaka

Catholic priest and the Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria(AMEN), Very Reverend father Camellus Anthony Ejike Mbaka has during one of the programs at the Ministry's prayers ground emphasized on the importance of individual's mind preparation for betrayal. He said, no matter how good one may appear to those he is protecting or fighting for, one day many would turn against him.

The outspoken clergy stressed that, betrayal by friends and acquaintances is common experience of Christians. Therefore, anyone who think of becoming a leader, should be ready to face the challenges of maltreatment and disregards. "Let this sink into your mind that those you love will betray you one day. If Jesus can be betrayee, you too could be betrayed. Let it sink into your ears. Don't forget that you wiil be hated by people for vwhom you are ready to die. You will be disregarded and maltreated by those you respect. Let this register in your ears. Don't be surprised to see these things surface. He said.

Fr. Mbaka while speaking during the homily tagged" Let this sink into your ears" added that the task of a person to experience maltreatment when he or she espected an applauds and encouragement is not an easy one, but in most cases, it would appear inevitable. He made references with the scripture on how Jesus delivered the message on the revelation about his betrayal to the disciples. The message needed to sink into them not only because Jesus had to be betrayed, but also they too would have a share in the same experience.

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