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Night Closing Prayer For Excellent Protection And Performance

Saying a prayer at the closing hour of the day is a great way to end the day. No matter what you faced today, talking to God through a night prayer will renew your faith and help you experience true rest.

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So, below are Night Closing Prayers for an Excellent Performance during sleeping time.

1. Heavenly Father, Forgive us for the Bad things we have done today, that did not honor your Holy name.

2. Grant me a good sleep tonight God, so that I can awake refreshed and ready to begin another day with your LOVE.

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3. As I sleep tonight, may the Lord bless and keep His face to shine on me. May He keep me safe from every evil dreams. May I sleep and wake up safely in Jesus’ name.

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4. Lord Jesus, as I am about to sleep on my bed tonight, I ask for your presence and protection, send me your guardians and warriors angels to come and fight for me, in the name of Jesus.

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5. Your Word in the book of Ephesians 5:16 says "Redeeming the time, for days are evil". Likewise I pray that all evil days that lies ahead of me will be cancelled now in Jesus name.



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