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See The Virtues And Blessings Of Reciting Surah Al-fatiha

Although, all the revelations of this Blessed Manuscript serve as a means of enlightenment, but some of its chapters are considered more significant than others because of some particular reasons. Surah Al-Fatiha is one of those few episodes of Quran, which holds special status, and is even recalled by Allah Almighty in these words:

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that

“Whoever does not recite Surah Al Fatihah in his prayer, his prayer is invalid”.”

Sahih Al Bukhari

1. This surah is a cure for the disease

A companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH once recited Surah Fatiha after a scorpion bite after seeing this Prophet PBUH commanded him saying, “How did you know it was a Cure (Ruqyah)?” (Cited from Sahih al Bukhari)

2. This surah is a Mother of Quran

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that Surah Fatihah is the Mother of Quran, Mother of the Book as well as seven repeated verses of it are the great recitation. (Cited from Tirmidhi).

Other Virtues of the chapter includes:

Fatiha is the greatest chapter in the Holy Quran

3. It was sent from Heaven as a light

4. This Surah is the seven often repeated verses

5. This surah is a cure for the heart

Suratul Fatihah is indeed the greatest chapter in the Quran, as Muslim we do recite it at least 17 times in a day. It has powerful verses can cure all our sicknessess and problems. Reciting the surah will give us enermous reward.

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