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End Of Ramadan: Scientist Reveals When The New Moon Will Be Sighted

Muslims all over the world have been obeserving the obligatory Ramadan fasting for the past 28 days but, the fasting is already approaching it's end. However, as a normal pratice the new moon will be firstly sighted before the fasting can be finally brought to an end.

Although, some Muslims faithfuls around the world are saying the new moon will be sighted on Tuesday while some are saying it will on Wednesday. However, according to the research of the scientist at, the new moon will not be sighted on Tuesday, rather it will be on Wednesday.

The scientist released out some evidences to back up their point and their first evidence is by showing the astronomical visibility curve for the new moon.

According to the astrological website, the new moon will start forming on Tuesday, 8pm (West Africa Time) to be precise but it will not be visible to the eyes until Wednesday night in some part of West Africa and America.

With all these scientific evidence, the Muslim Ramadan fasting for this year will only end on Wednesday and not Tuesday as predicted by some people. And for your information, Thursday will also mark the first day of Shawwal according to the Muslim calendar.

Anyways, our prayer is that, as the fasting is coming to an end May Allah give us the strength to finish it and also accept it as an act of Worship. Amen!!


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