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7 prayer points that will unlock all God's blessings for you.

The Lord is too faithful to fail you, any time you are in need of something talk to Him in prayer and He will answer you.

Prayer is very paramount in the life of every Christian as it is the only way you can communicate with God. 

Also, endeavour to pray without season, it is not only when you are in need that you go on your knees to pray to God. Some people after getting what they requested from God forget to thank Him for answering their prayers but when they are in need of another thing they will run to God for solution. It's not good as Christian to pray only when you are in need, always pray to God, it is the key that can open every door, doors of blessing, breakthrough, healing, deliverance, etc.

Pray this prayer to destroy every evil one that have tied or locked your blessings and have the faith that it will be destroyed in the name of Jesus:

1. Father, thank you for today, thank you for what you have being doing in my life and what you are yet to do, may your name be glorified forever in Jesus name.

2. Lord, anyway I have sinned against you forgive me my sins in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Lord Jesus, into your able hands I commit myself, guide and protect me in my going out and coming in, in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. My father my father, in all my endeavours of life I pray for success, in my business make me to grow tremendously, in my work place make me move high in Jesus mighty name.

5. Any witchcraft that have tied down my blessings, Lord Jesus untie them for me, unlock them for me in the mighty name of Jesus.

6. O Lord I need wisdom in order to be able to make good decisions in life, in my financial life favour me in the mighty name of Jesus.

7. I know that you will answer my prayer Lord, for you are the God that never fails in Jesus mighty name I pray.

Ensure you share this post with people. Just believe in the Lord and He will surely grant you your heart desires.

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