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You must be careful of the church you attend, here is what happened to a little girl(Opinion)

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We all go to church to pray to God,to ask for forgiveness of our sins,to worship and praise God,to get miracles from God.

Now most people see it as a way of getting money from others,now some people see it as a business. Most times some fake pastors see it as way to preach fake doctrines and do things they feel like doing just to get money and attention.

These days not everyone can differentiate between a miracle from God and man-made miracles. You see some pastors making sacrifices just to get the power of healing.

Do you remember the story of how a pastor which goes by the name Ogundapo Mere buried a girl in the church in osun state?

The girl was just four year old,an innocent girl who should not have been in a situation like that. She was found already buried in the church,the police however closed down the church and the pastor was arrested.

What will you say about this? Who is to be blamed?

What do you think might be the reason of burning such a little girl in the church,and be reminded that she was even buried alive.

This is a crime that should be really death with and we all should be careful so we would not fall victims of such pastors.

In this current generation, everyone is looking for a way to survive which is normal but that does not mean you carry something like that to the church and start deceiving people with fake miracles which are gotten from fake places.

These story should really wake us up to the dangers of some churches who partake in such crime.

In your own opinion what do you think was the aim of burying such an innocent girl alive in the church were people are worshipping and serving the most high God?

Do you also remember the pastor who was caught in Anambra state in his house with charms? He was caught doing rituals at the back of his house.

And this pastor has been involved in the act of miracles,he has been preaching the gospel to his church and making them believe what he wants. This is something that we should all try and check out before attending a church we don't know about or a pastor we are not sure how he teaches his doctrines.

Life is too beautiful to be waisted by someone who teaches fake doctrines and performs fake miracles from unknown source.

Everyone is trying to change their situation, trying to change the situation of their family. Young girls want to get married. A married woman looking for a child, everyone with their own problems.

And we tend to look for the answers in places where should not even think of going in the first place.

Let's be careful of the church we attend.

God be with us all.

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