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Prayer points That Will Help Us Overcome Near Success Syndrome Troubling Our Lives And Progress

Before any thing happen in the physical world it will first occur in the Spiritual realm. That is why you must be vigilant in the spirit and Pray against demonic powers working against your progress. Near Success Syndrome is enemy of promotion, breakthrough, joy etc .

According to the scripture Moses is victim of near success syndrome because he died in Moab when the children of Israel is almost in the promise land. I don't know powers troubling our lives with near success syndrome, but I promise you after these Prayers God shall destroy them, in Jesus name I prayed

Those that experience near success syndrome in the Bible:

1. Moses

2. Esau

Declare These Prayers with me:

Heavenly father forgive and forget any ancestral sin frustrating my efforts, in the name of Jesus. From today, I shall not experience near success syndrome again, in Jesus name I prayed.

Let fire of God consume Familiar spirits monitoring my progress, in the name of Jesus. From today I reverse Witchcraft pronouncement of setback, stagnation limitation, working against my glory, in Jesus name I prayed


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Esau Moses


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