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4 Ways To Come Up With What You Can Study In The Bible

The act of studying the scriptures is something that should be a common lifestyle amidst Christians, and in this article we will be checking four ways you can follow to come up with what you can study in the Bible.

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1. It could be from a pestering need in your heart: everyone has something lingering in their heart, and as the economists will say human needs are endless. You can get a place to study, if you can lay hold on a part of the scriptures that talks about what you are going through.

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2. Through a question you've had in your heart: you can also get a place to study by checking within you one of the questions you've needed an answers to, and through that you already have a place to study.

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3. Do a study from the sermon you've heard before: there are some sermons you will want to check again, due to the things you got from my the sermon, so listening to that sermon again has given you a place to study.

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4. Ask the Holy Spirit for directions: the Bible made us to understand that the Holy Spirit is our teacher and it won't be bad to ask him for directions on where you should study in the Bible.

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We wish you a great study life, what can you say about this article? Drop your comments below.

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