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"If You Don't Make A Choice To Give You Cannot Prosper" - Bishop Oyedepo

Speaking in a viral video, the renown General Overseer Of The Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo reveals what God told him years ago when he started preaching the Gospel of prosperity, and how those who attacked him then are now preaching it, even to the extreme. Bishop Oyedepo emphatically stated towards the ending of the video that, until people make a choice to give then won't prosper financially.

Here is everything Bishop Oyedepo said in the video:

"People hated prosperity when we started preaching it. They hated prosperity and we stupid boys who were preaching it. The hatred was palpable, you can touch it but one day I saw one of them wrote a book on prosperity. One of the great enemies of the ministry of prosperity wrote a book on abundance. I said things doesn't take time to change. I never fought back once. I'm just doing my assignment. I'm not competing with anybody. Everybody now preaches prosperity to another extreme that cannot be found in the Bible. They think it is a system for enriching you. The instruction was "Go and make people rich" God said to me, "Don't raise money, raise men" have I shared that with you before. 

This is not a money raising Church. Don't raise money, raise men. I'm a poor money raiser. I don't know how to say it. Somebody raised an offering one time in Kaduna and I called the people that he gathered together, I said come. I released you from that offering. One of them vow to give 350,000 and I know he can't give anything like that, because he didn't have. So, I called them and said, 'I'm your pastor, I released you from it." This ministry has a people raising mandate. God want you raised, so you raised others. He want you raised, so you can keep promoting his kingdom. So, understand where you are and be comfortable in making your choice at every time and may you have grace to make the right choice. If you don't make a choice to give, you cannot prosper. If you don't remain at it, it will stop wherever you stop, but as for you and your household, none of you shall be term beggar."

Here is the link to the video:

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