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The reasons why persons born under the Aquarius and scorpio sign are not compatible

Contact between persons born under Scorpio and an Aquarius sign can be truly intense. As squaring signs, they should have a very troublesome contact, but the sign of Scorpio exalts the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, These signs combined represent the ultimate sexual freedom, a place with no restrictions or taboos, As soon as Scorpio starts to assume that Aquarius should be tamer and belong to them in a loving relationship, it will result in a forceful rebellion and the counterattack of their partner. Things could get out of control if any sort of manipulation takes place, and unspoken tendencies might tear them apart in a matter of minutes.

For as long as they don’t give in to their stubborn, unmovable modes, these partners could have great conversations about all strange topics they can imagine. None of them will want to have small talk or discuss their day at work.

For as long as they stay out of their ego battle, they could find many things to do together, They will both value excitement and change and this will be a strong meeting point for their characters

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