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Bishop David Oyodepo Speaks On Faith In Visions

Bishop David Oyodepo speaks on faith in Vision.

When God gives you a vision or an assignment, in it he has provided you with all the ideas and implementations you need. Now, you need to trade with that Vision well to get them active on you.

It is very important to know this, because there are many of you today with great Visions and dreams and assignments...oh...I saw this, I saw that and in the church but no idea on how to implement them. Now listen; it is very important to know that in those Visions and dreams, God has provided you with the required Strength you need to make those dreams and Visions come to pass in your life and to affect your world. You know, there are sometimes we think that the dreams and our aspirations are too big, that we cannot amount to it, who told you so? Who told you so? Every man starts as a child but after several years, he is grown into a full man. I told you, 'there is no Mountain anywhere, every man's ignorance is his Mountain'. You must realise that if you had such big dreams, then it means you have enough capacity in you to to it, yes! You have to get this, because there are people that sell their Visions, they think they cannot make it with such dreams, it's a lie! Tell yourself now 'i am able', 'i have all it takes'. Yes! That's it! When you come to terms with God he provides the ability to. And you must realise that you are not the one who on your own does this, but by the help of God. This is why we walk by faith and not by site, because if you work by site, you will think Samson is a big heafty muscular man with muscles everywhere and never know that he may be one of the the tiniest man in the land and yet he tore the mouth of Lions and pull down gates, how did he do it? By the power of the inside that comes from where? From God! So you are not on your own doing it, he is in you doing it, this is why we walk by faith! David was small, but he killed Goliath, how do you explain that? By faith, the inside working power of e through a small boy and he conquered nations like that.

I'm praying for you today, may your small Visions conquer nations!!

All the ideas you need to actualise that Vision, may they begin to show forth in your life today in the name of Jesus!! 

Believe it because you are the next man the world is waiting to manifest!!

From this church, men and women will rise to shake nations in the name of Jesus!!!

- Bishop David Oyodepo

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