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Prophet TB Joshua Releases New Declarations, Read What He Prayed To Happen To Believers Worldwide


HEBREWS 11:17 (KJV); By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac: and he that had received the promises offered up his only-begotten son,

The same book of HEBREW emphasize on the definition of faith, and for this reason I will implore you reading this article today that whatsoever you might be passing through or expecting from God, always act upon these Two keywords; FAITH and BELIEVE...

Although these Two may seem the same but, biblically they are entirely different from each other. The Father of the universe ABRAHAM, according to the Bible, we all read from his story how he'd walked righteous with the Lord by having Faith in Him, at the same time believing in His word.

The man of God PROPHET TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA of the Synagogue Christian Church of God, has instructed believers all over the world to anticipate the same thing Father Abraham had done in his lifetime and making him finally become God's favorite. The Clergyman who has spared out of his precious time to post on his Twitter handle declaring words of God into the lives of believers.

TB Joshua declared freedom into the lives of believers, he prayed for the removal of whatsoever afflictions, in his declaration he made it known that in God all things are possible and hence, declared that in whatever challenges you might be facing as a believer that, Lord Jesus is going to bring you freedom, that God will bring liberty to you in the name of Jesus.

Read what he posted below;

“Believe Jesus for your healing, for your freedom! Lord Jesus, remove that affliction! With God, all things are possible. Whatever challenges you are in — Lord Jesus, bring freedom to that captive! Bring liberty to that prisoner, in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

The man of God might have declared and prayed for you as a Christian, but it's another thing entirely to claim these prayers and words of Declaration into your lives as a believer. I have given you a hint on how to claim the words of Declaration above, make sure you have all these qualities and then leave the rest for God Almighty to take charge.

The word of God said in the book of PHILIPPINES 4:6 that; my children if there'd be anything you might ever be in need of, ask from me with a heart of Thanksgiving, and it shall be given to you.

Brethren, you can also act on God's word, and I pray for you reading this right now that as you do this, the lord will perform wonders in your lives in the mighty name of Jesus.

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