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Check Out The Passage Of The Quran That Says Jesus Will Come To Judge The World (Quran 3:169)

The battle for supremacy of the better religion may rage on between the devotees of various religions for many years to come. It's incredible to learn that even the Quran believes Jesus Christ is the one who will come to judge the world.

According to Muslims, Jesus was a prophet who was given a specific message—injil, or the gospel—to deliver to all people. This message both validated the Torah's teachings and predicted the arrival of Prophet Muhammad. As a result, Jesus plays a crucial and distinctive position in the Muslim faith.

Muslims, on the other hand, believe that while Jesus was a servant, teacher, and lover of God's Word, he was not divine or the son of God. The Quran mentions Jesus' miracles, such as healing the sick and reviving the dead, but it doesn't attribute them to his divinity. Instead, Jesus is a symbol of God's unending mercy to all of humanity.

Muslims reject the concept of original sin. They don't believe in a savior and don't believe in Jesus' crucifixion. According to the Quran, Jesus was assumed into heaven (3:169) before his death. According to Islamic faith, Jesus was spared execution because he was God's holy one. Because Jesus is God's chosen servant, Muslims believe his foes will be unable to defeat him.

Muslims, like Christians, believe Jesus will return. According to Islamic traditions, Jesus will return on the Day of Judgment to slay the ad-dajjal, or anti-Christ or imposter.

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