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10 powerful prayer points for this morning - Renewal in Christ.

Topic: Renewed in God.

Text: John 3:16, psalms 1:3

Biblical reference: Paul, Rahab the prostitute, Israelites.

What do you understand by the word renewal? - renewal is when something is remade or lets say developed in a big way. There are a lot of lost souls out there who need to be reborn in Christ, its not about going to church every Sunday or being gentle, its about having the word of God embedded in our hearts.

Paul was renewed in Christ on the road to Damascus, where he met with the glory of God and was renamed from Saul to Paul.

Rahab the prostitute was renewed after she had saved the spies from behind captured that night.

The Israelites were renewed in God, after being with God in the wilderness.

Prayer points:

* Lord we thank you for the grace to be another witness of todays light.

* Forgive us of our iniquities, oh God.

* Lord grant us the grace to be renewed in you.

* Show us your mighty hands, Lord.

* Lord, make us mighty instrument in your hands.

* Lord, make me a better vessel in your name.

* Lord redirect my steps.

* Help me oh Lord, to accept you.

* Lord Jesus in every area i may have backslide, help me and put me back on your path.

* Lord, at the end of the day we shall give thanks.


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