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What Is The Difference Between Artificial And Natural Dreadlock?

Has it ever comes to your mind the difference between dreadlocks and dada?

In this article, I will be analyzing the difference between both of them.

Though, I feel dreadlock and dada are the same things only the name change. Dreadlock might be in English while Dada in vernacular.

Do you notice some celebrities carry dread these days?

Yes, they do and it's only artificial especially for musicians or some celebrities. It might be dread but not locked.

Dreadlocks are naturally locked hair that cannot be combed. It's natural and not by choice. It's a blessing from God.

Do you remember Samson in the Bible? Immediately his dreadlocks were shaved by Delilah he lost his divine strength from God.

What then is "Dada"?

Dada is a Yoruba word widely spoken by Nigerians. Dada is used the same way as dreadlocks and so there is no much difference between the word "Dreadlocks" and "Dada"

Dreadlocks are associated with the Jamaicans because they are referred to as Rastafarian or Rasta men. People dread them because of their hair.

Pictures of natural dreadlocks

Pictures of artificial dada or dreadlock.

Photo credit: Google

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