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Welcome to The Month of September! Say These Prayers for A Victorious Month.

Happy new month! As we enter into the month of September, let us remember that prayer is the master key. It is very important to start with prayers.

Say the following prayers to start your month:

1. Lord, thank you for counting me and my family worthy to witness the beginning of this new month.

2. Lord, thank you for the previous months and how far you have helped me and my family.

3. I appreciate you even in advance because I know that you will always be there for me as I start this new month.

4. Lord, let this month be a glorious month for me and my family.

5. Lord, let all my journeys in this month be smooth and free of accidents.

6. Lord, provide abundantly for me and my family in this new month.

7. Lord, let this month be a month of a breakthrough for me in my business and career.

8. Lord, pave a way for me even in the most difficult situations.

9. Lord, let me be a source of joy to everyone around me.

10. Lord, in this month, let me be a vessel of honor unto you and not a vessel of shame.

11. Lord, let this month be my month of unending testimony.

12. Lord, let help come my way from every direction in this new month.

May the good Lord accept all of our supplications unto Jesus' Jesus name. Have a blessed month.

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