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Monday Morning Powerful Short Prayers Points You Should Say Before Talking To Anyone (20/07/2020)

This new week is bound to be a glorious week for us your children oh Lord because we return all glory and adoration to your magnificent name for making us see the breaking of a new day in good health God accept our gratitude in Jesus name.

Say amen to these prayers before you talk to anyone today and see the wonders of God in your life.

1. Oh Lord I glorify your mighty name for counting me alive to see today father I say thank you in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord my divine helpers should locate me wherever they are this week so I can move forward in life in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord I commit my works into your hands this morning blessings in abundance pour it on it in Jesus name

4. Oh Lord show me the good plans you have set in place for me this week so I won't divert from you in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord any weapon designed to battle and perish me this morning I call upon you to make it useless in Jesus name.

6. Oh Lord let me find favor throughout today and this week entirely in Jesus name.

7. Oh Lord I confess all my sins and trespasses this morning look down and have mercy on me in Jesus name.

Stay blessed and victorious for in Jesus most powerful name we pray, amen!

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