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6 reason why Sallah celebration is not for Muslims alone, but also for Christians.

Id el Kabir (big Sallah) is one of the most important festivals on the Islamic Calendar and will be observed this year on Friday, July 31 and will continue down to Aug 2, 2020, as both weekends will be included.

This celebration will be closely followed by everyone in Nigeria because Nigeria as a country is made up of different people, tribes and religion, it is believed that this festival is only for Muslim, but am still of the opinion that both Christians and Muslims benefit from this Sallah Celebration for the following reason.

1. A time to rest for everyone.

 over 40% of Muslims in Nigeria means that there must be a holiday from the government for this festival. 

Since Id el Kabir ( big Sallah) is a public holiday. It is going to be a day off for everyone be it Christian or Muslim. And those who still wish to work will be paid overtime. 

2. Time for sober reflection.

This celebration is a reminder of the eagerness of Ibrahim to offer up Ishmael on Mount Moriah.

 For Christians who follow the Bible, this story reminds us of 2 important events. 

1. Abraham willingness to sacrifice his Son Isaac when asked by God.

2. It also reminds us of how painful and loving it was for God to sacrifice his only begotten Son to die for our sins. So this is a time for sober reflection of the great love God showed for us, and how we could reciprocate his love. By showing appreciation for all he has done for us.

3. Peace will reign.

Because there is happiness in the air everyone will experience a lengthy period of peace in Nigeria hopefully. righteousness thrives in a peaceful environment, this will be an advantage for Christians who strive to live upright lives. Don't you agree?

4. Business for everyone.

99% of Muslims will put on some special attire to grace this occasion, this will automatically mean good for all as traders in the fabrics or clothing business will experience high patronage. Commodity market will experience huge sales as well. Cow herders and meat sellers will also experience heightened sales. Everyone including every business will be affected.

5. Love will be displayed.

 There is love in Sharing. Muslims usually slaughter rams or cows on the day of ID EL KABIR. The slaughtered animal is then divided into three. One portion is given to the poor, another to close friends while the remnant is kept at home for household consumption. If you work in a company that is owned by a Muslim, then you are sure to get your own share of the meat regardless of your religion. You will have a pot filled with meat come that day. Apart from meat there will be sharing of gift in other places, even monetary gift, Like the Zakat. Everyone who works in a company-owned by a Muslim will receive Zakat as a gift.

6. Iron sharpens Iron. 

One of the major thing that will be done on the day of Id el Kabir is an incessant offering of prayer and praise to Allah. Christians who are observant will be sharpened in that they will be reminded of the responsibility of every true Christian which is praying and praising Almighty God. In this way, the Muslims have become an Iron that sharpens another Iron. It takes humility to accept this fact. Once more all Christians will learn a lesson on humility.

Is there anything you feel I have missed, please feel free to express or add to what is already written.

Content created and supplied by: Samueluwen (via Opera News )

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