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5 Reasons Why Your Prayer Life Appears to Be Dying

It's regrettable that some devout Christians are finding it difficult to pray these days. They used to be able to pray for three hours, but things have changed, and they can now only pray for 20 minutes. If this describes you, you should examine your life and your relationship with God. It will undoubtedly assist you. Here are five reasons why your prayer life is on the decline.

1. You talk too much about prayer yet you don't pray. Many believers think they are men and women because they talk about prayer. You don't talk about prayer, you must practically pray. Pray always.

2. The power of prayer is pure conscience and clean heart. Many single brothers and sisters are practically living in immorality yet they want to pray. No! You must maintain a position of purity in thoughts and deeds to stand in the place of prayer. As long as you're keeping lust in the heart, secret silent fingering, masturbation, smooching, pornography and sex then your prayer life will be very sick.

3. Praying with a Spirit man that's starved of God's Word is weak praying. If you're feeding on gossip, pornography, sex scandal and political gists yet you want to ascend higher in the spirit that's impossible. Colossians 3:16 admonished that you feed on God's Word.

4. Insufficient speaking in tongues: Can I ask you a question? Do you know everything you should pray about? That's why you must pray more in the spirit. If you don't pray more in the spirit, you may be slain in the secret. Pray more in the Spirit Jude 1:20

5. Inordinate comfort: It's excessive comfort that makes you substitute having a prayer life for just going for going prayer session. What are you doing in the cinema for hours? You can spend hours with your fiance or fiancée but 30 minutes with the Holy Spirit is impossible for you. To be a man or woman of prayer is to enrol for the dealings of God. Prayer is hard work!

In conclusion, you need to work on these and as you do, God will revive your prayer life. Amen.

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