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Age turns your hair white, but it will not turn your head wise - Reno Omokiri

Many individuals today think that age has everything to do with being wise. But the truth is that age has nothing to do with wisdom. It may come as a surprise to anyone that a young youth can be wiser than an elder for example, in the Bible Solomon was young and wise but saul was a foolish elder. Wisdom does not come with age, age only comes with experience.

Media personality Reno made a tweet on this earlier. According to him, wisdom does not come age, it can only be gained. Being old does not necessarily mean that you are wise so stop thinking that age is tied to wisdom.

In his words, 

Age turns your hair white, but it will not turn your head wise. That you must do by yourself. Stop thinking that age is tied to wisdom because Solomon was a wise youth and Saul was a foolish elder. 

Respect age, but know that foolish men also get old as well as the wise.

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