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Check Out 2 Great Men Of God That Wear Their Wristwatches In A Unique Way

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Fashion is one of the key areas of life where believers are expected to maintain moderation. Any Christian, mostly a leader that can practice moderation in this area will always be loved and respected by all and sundry. 

Some great men of God in Nigeria have been able to live up to expectations in this area of their lives. Below are two respected men of God that are very modest to the extent that they wear their wristwatches in a very unique way. 

Pastor E.A. Adeboye 

Image credit: Premium Times

Pastor E.A. Adeboye is one of the few great men of God known for moderate dressing in Nigeria. This Reverend Clergyman has a modest fashion taste, considering his status as the leader of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the biggest Christian denominations in the world.

One fascinating thing about Adeboye is the way he wears his wristwatches. Unlike the general custom, he wears his watches in the opposite direction, hiding their brands and appearance. Though the man of God has not made any public statement on why he chooses to wear his wristwatches this way, many believe he does it for modesty.

Gbile Akanni 

Image credit: Flashgist

Bro Gbile Akanni, as he is fondly called is another great minister of the Gospel known for modesty in the area of fashion. The founder of Peace House, a Christian Ministry based in Gboko, Benue State is one of the most loved Christian leaders in Nigeria, cherished for his unique teaching ability.

Image credit: Youtube

Like Adeboye, Gbile also wears his wristwatches in the opposite direction. Giving their nature, one can only attribute this unusual practice by these two great leaders to their choice to be modest in everything they do. 

Adeboye and Gbile do not appear to be regular pals but their obedience to Biblical principles of modesty has created a unique connection between them. The lives of these great men have great lessons Christians should learn from. 

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