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Let Schools And All Learning Institution Reopened And Worship Places Remain Closed (Opinion)

Let Schools And All Learning Institution Reopened And Worship Places Remain Closed (Opinion)

First I will like to began by asking us this simple question: How many of you; that's if you are a parent worried about your child or ward staying at home and not learning something new?

Without no doubt many of my readers will agreed with me that the lockdown of school and all learning institution in Nigeria as a country as really affected our children and wards that it will take a while to regain.

This same idleness from many children have made them to become a target and even are a victim of all kinds of atrocities being committed.

Even the report of r**ped that was recently released even as proven that. It is very important that the president Muhammadu Buhari let every state monitor each of their schools I mean the public sector and a strong direction be given to the private schools.

The reason why I strongly opposed the opening of worship places, either mosques or churches is; God is a merciful God and there is no place that he isn't. It isn't a must that churches and mosques be allowed to opened.

If we are truly reading our Bible like we should then we will remember a place in the Bible where Jesus reply a woman after she asked him where is the best place to worship God; is it in Jerusalem or on the Mountain, and here is what Jesus replied her.

"Verily verily I said to you a time is coming where you will not be allowed to worship in Jerusalem or on the Mountain, but a true worshipper will worshipped the father in truth and in spirit."

Brethren this is the time and don't let and pastor or imam misguided you that if you don't come to church this or this will happened.

If our leaders are honest to themselves enough they will fear God and not human and reopened our school and leave our worship places still lockdown.

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