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Only The Grace Of God Can Sustain You Today And The Remaining Days In This Month Of September

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This month of September is almost over, less than few days to go, only the grace of God can sustain you today and throughout the remaining days in this month of September, 2021. Therefore, it is very important to commit this days into the hands of God, He has the power and capacity to see you through so that no evil will befall you before the end of the month.

Days are full of evils, only God can sustain, keep and protect you and your entire household from evil and calamity, therefore, is important to call on God to protect and deliver you from all evils. He said in His words that, "No weapons fashion against you shall prosper and all tongues that rise against you in judgement shall be judged." This promises of God are for you and your family members, God wants you to claim His promises, when you do, it shall be well with you and your family members, no weapon fashions against you will have impact in your life and the work of the accuser of the brethren will be in vain in your life.

God is great and mighty in power and strength, He is your fortress and refuge, a very help, right in the time of trouble. Only Him can sustain and uphold you and your entire household till the end of this month of September. He also has power to see you through the remaining days in this month and beyond. Therefore, call upon God for your divine protection and abundant grace that will carry you through this month and beyond.

My esteemed readers, make it a duty this morning and day to call on the living God to give you grace that will sustain you throughout today and the remaining days in this month of September and behold.

May God Almighty be with you, sustain you and bless you and your family members, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful day and week, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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