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Say These 12 Powerful Midnight Intercessory Prayer For Your Deliverance

Claim it with faith

1. Father, may you bring me into your wonderful timing in Jesus Name Amen!

2. Grant me success in the hour of trials in Jesus Name Amen!

3. I overcome every satanic manipulation in my life in Jesus Name Amen!

4. May the wine of joy never run dry in my life in Jesus Name Amen!

5. O God, may every protocol blocking my

blessing be broken in Jesus Name Amen!

6. Dear Lord, assign somebody who will go all out to assist me to excel in life as Jesus mother did at the marriage of Cana in Galilee.

7. Grant to me special grace that will fill every empty area of my life with substance in Jesus Name Amen.

8. Increase my level of spiritual understanding and cooperation from tonight in Jesus Name Amen!

9. Let the spirit of obedience rest upon me in Jesus Name Amen!

10. May my home never end half way; grant me grace to end well and set a standard in marriage in Jesus Name Amen!

11. Dear Lord Jesus may those waiting to see my down-fall see my uprising in Jesus Name Amen!

12. May I wake up to see miracle of multiplication in Jesus Name Amen!

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Jesus Jesus Name Jesus Name Amen


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