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The Reason Why Fathers Are Told Not To Provoke Their Children To Anger - Colossians 3: 21

In the book of Colossians 3: 21, there was a strange, and clear instruction Paul the Apostle gave to fathers. According to the bible verse, Fathers are told not to provoke their children. This might sound a bit odd to most fathers out there as it probably seems practically impossible to not provoke a child.

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You should recall clearly that the same bible instructed you and me to train up and discipline a child in the way he should go, the Bible also advised parents to avoid sparing the rod and spoiling the child. Why then are fathers told not to provoke their children when these instructions can easily cause them to be angry? I'll be exposing the deep meaning of that biblical statement with you.

What Does It Mean To Provoke A Child To Anger, According To The Bible?

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The term ' Provoke ' literally means to arouse one's feelings or to force an action into being. When you provoke your child/children, you have caused pains to their hearts which can, in turn, affect their actions towards you.

Note that their actions towards you wouldn't be that of a thug or riffraff but deep inside of them, you have provoked their emotions, and they might be angry with you in their spirit.

Take, for example, whenever you discipline your child, it should not be through the physical method. What I mean is that if you're the type of father who is too quick to beat or spank his child always, then you cannot help but provoke such a child.

Why Are Fathers Told Not To Provoke Their Children To Anger?

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I would reinstate the biblical statement again. " Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, lest they be discouraged " - Colossians 3: 21 KJV.

The last phrase of the above bible verse gives the ultimate disadvantage of provoking your child to anger, which is discouragement.

Discouragement in this context have various meanings which include;

• Your Child would have little or no trust in you as a parent. They'll be forced to remain silent about their feelings and thoughts.

• A layer of fear has been created around you. They are afraid to make mistakes with the thought that they can never be perfect.

• They see you as a threat in the sense that you don't love them anymore. This might result in suicidal thoughts or an uninformed exit from the house.

These are some of the reasons why the Bible kicks against provoking your child/children.

How Can I Avoid Provoking My Child As A Parent?

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This is simple!

1. Avoid inflicting pains to their spirit man through your overly harsh attitude towards them.

2. Limit the use of physical or corporal discipline and punishment instead, learn to correct with love and care.

Above all, mothers are not excluded from this biblical advice. Paul the apostle made mention of fathers specifically because of their authority as " The head of the family ".

This advice/warning applies to both parents, and they'll be of great help in your impartation to your children if you obey it.

If you're guilty of provoking your children frequently, please do well to plead with them.

Have you once provoked your child out of ignorance? Can you plead with them to forgive you?

Please let me know what your thoughts and contributions are, in the comments section below.

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