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Christians, Check Out Practical Ways To Live A Righteous Life Through The Easter Season

Praise the Living God!

This is the practical way to live a righteous life every time of your life and remain righteous. There are joy and liberty in the presence of the almighty god.

1. Prayers: As a child of God, how often do you pray for yourself? How often do you pray for others? How often do you pray for the kingdom advancement? Prayer is the key to happiness and righteousness. Through prayers, God hears your supplication.

2. Worship: Worship builds the spirit of man when it is from the heart. Sometimes, people worship God with tears of joy. When you worship God, count his blessings in your life through your inner mind. Then, you will realize how great God is.

3. Praise: How often do you praise in your closet? You can dance and praise God alone in your house even with good music played on the electronic device, if you can't sing. Through, the holy ghost came down to free Paul and Silas.

4. Stay Close To His Presence: Church activities should be your priority at all times. Try to work for the kingdom advancement. Join in the church events and draw close to God.

5. Meditate In The Bible: Let this word not depart from you, meditate in it day and night. That is an excerpt from the scriptures. Read and meditate in the word of God.

6. Do Good(Help The Need): If you have more give more and if you have little given little and strive to give more. More blessed is the giver than the receiver. Help the people around you. Develop the act of giving and helping this season.

7. Avoid Ungodly Places: Some places make you feel everything is okay. Run away from where does not make you think about God. You know where I am talking about. Stay away from ungodly get together, rather engage in retreats and Christian hangouts.

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