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5 Ways To Obtain Grace From God As a Christian

One of the most important gifts which God desires to give his children is "grace", and this is one of the reasons why he commands them to meditate in his law in the day and also at night, and since Psalm 19:1-7 and 2Peter 1:2 reveals that God's law is his knowledge, and also that grace and peace are multiplied through the knowledge of God, reading and listening to the law of God will make one obtain his grace and since grace is a generous, free, unexpected, and undeserved gift from God in form of favour, love, clemency, and a share of his divine life, there are some ways by which one can obtain it, and so I want you to read the entire article as I share them with you one after another.

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Here are five ways to obtain grace as a Christian.

1. By being humble before God. To be humble means to be abased, modest, to be devoid of pride, to have a feeling of insignificance. In James 4:6, God resists anyone who is proud but gives grace to people who are humble or those who humble themselves before him. 

2. By loving God or demonstrating your love for God. According to 1Corinthians 8:3, anyone who loves God will be known by him. This means that God knows those who love him because anyone who loves God will demonstrate his love for him by loving his neighbour, and Proverbs 8:17 says that God loves those who love him. And since God is love, he will both love and give grace to those who love him because love doesn't think about itself, and this means those who love God don't think about themselves but about God and what he wants them to do.

3. By fearing God and also working righteousness. Those who fear God and practice righteousness (doing what is right) will be accepted by God (Acts 10:35), and anyone that God accepts will receive grace from him. 

4. By the Knowledge of God. Since the glory of God is God's knowledge (Psalm 19:1-2), and John 1:14 tells us that the glory of God is full of grace and truth, 2Peter 1:2 also reveals that grace and peace are multiplied through God's knowledge. This means that the knowledge of God is one of the ways by which one can obtain grace from God.

5. By Praying for it. According to John 14:14, Jesus promised to do whatever we ask in his name, and since 1John 5:20 reveals that he is the true God, you can ask grace from him and as he has promised, he will grant your request because he is faithful.

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