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20 Remarkable Similarities Between Benson Idahosa and Bishop David Oyedepo

1 They were both born in September. Benson Idahosa was born September 11, 1938 and David Oyedepo was born September 27, 1954. 

2. Both were born to fathers who were not Christians. 

3. Their mothers had once been forced out of their family homes. 

4. Their mothers had babies that had died as infants. 

5. Throughout their childhood they were sickly. 

6. These were sent to school by their grandmothers.

7. All people attended primary school in Anglica. 

8. In the 1960s, both men were born once again. Benson Idahosa was reborn in 1960 and David Oyedepo was reborn in 1969. 

9. Benson Idahosa purchased his first shoes after working as a salesman and barrow boy as a teenager, although David Oyedepo bought his first shoes after an excavation job at a healthcare facility

10 Benson Idahosa got a call to preach salvation, and was in his time the first and foremost Nigerian preacher of the prosperity gospel. David Oyedepo has been called upon to preach prosperity and is Nigeria 's leading preacher of the prosperity gospel in his day. 

11 Benson Idahosa, though alive, was Africa 's richest priest. Currently David Oyedepo is the richest pastor in Africa.

12 The first child of Benson Idahosa is named BENSON while the first child of David Oyedepo is named DAVID. 

13 The Faith Arena of Benson Idahosa was the largest church building in Africa at the time of completion.

14 The worshippers in their respective churches fondly call both people 'PAPA.' 

15Robbers confronted each of the two men of God at home, involved them in an oral fight and the robbers fled. 

16 All men slept an average of four hours a day.

17 Before going into ministry, the two men of God each reported a miracle of resurrecting the dead. 

18 Both people assisted in polytechnics. In UK (by correspondence) Benson Idahosa attended polytechnic while David Oyedepo attended Kwara Poly. 

19 His mentor T.L Osborn influenced all men of God and others. Benson Idahosa had also influenced David Oyedepo.

20 After getting a call into leadership, both men of God each visited Pa Sydney Granville Elton at Ilesa.

Did you know Benson Idahosa, do you know of the works God did through him? Do you think any prophet can ever replace him in what he did in Nigeria? Many people think Oyedepo took over his spirit when he died, do you agree?

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