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Afternoon Prayers: Say These Prayers If You Need Spiritual Growth

Everyone of us need spiritual growth in his/her life. A person without any spiritual growth is like a dead person living on the earth surface. Meditating, praying and also worshipping God are steps to spiritual growth and I will like to give you prayer points if you need spiritual growth.

1. Father, I bless your name over my spiritual life and I thank You that I am alive.

2. Father, every powers assigned against my spiritual growth is destroy by your fire.

3. Any power that is sent to destroy my spiritual growth is quenched by your fire.

4. Father, let the Holy Spirit fill me and satisfy my thirst for spiritual growth.

5. Father, give me the power and discipline to study your word so that that my spiritual growth can increase.

With these prayer points, your spiritual growth will increase. Don't forget to also meditate on your Bible.

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