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Here Is What The Name Of The Lord Means And Stands For

The Lord' s name is a strong tower that when the righteous runs into it, they shall be saved. Do you want to be saved as a Christian? If yes, then you should hold tight unto God and make sure you call His name when necessary. From the activities and events that are happening in our daily world, it' s now looking as if the lives of Christians aren' t safe anymore.

Christian lives matters and that is why in any difficult situation we find ourselves, we shouldn' t fail to cover ourselves by the Blood of Jesus. Using this way, we could be safe under Christ. No matter how strong one may claim to be, when he comes to hear the name of Jesus Christ, he or she must go down on their knees to worship the Lord.

There should be a large similarity between those Christians who work with diligence and between those Christians who destroys lives and properties. The name of the Lord has always been the way it is and it has always remained the way it was. The Lord' s name stands for who He is a d reflects His character attributes and power.

Did you understand that point? Now let' s get over to what the name of the Most High means. What does the name of the Lord mean? Before then, I have heard several names people call God. Are those names bad or evil? No! As far as they all give reference to Almighty God, the name is good. Some Christians call Him " Jehovah" while some call Him " The Most High God. " Well, for me let me go for the name " The Most High God. "

Back to what I was saying, the name LORD means Owner or Controller. From the meaning of the name, we can agree to the fact that God it the owner and controller of all of our lives right? Absolutely! Hallelujah.

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