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Why Prayer is important

Before we go further what is PRAYER

PRAYER is a communication between you and God. Prayer is an act to talk to your God. Now in our early days people don't pray any more. They forget that they can not do without there creator. I want you to know something, All this minister prophecing to people about there own life is not really right because if you are truly a child of God, If God want to talk to you he will talk to you directly. Is just like when your father wants to talk to you, he don't have to meet or tell another person to talk to his own son so that is how it is. There are three things you need to know about prayer.

1. Prayer is the easiest way to talk to God for anything you want in this life all you just need to do is to go on your knees and pray

2. People who prayer sometimes are known as intersesors because they interseed for others. One secret you should know about prayer is that when you pray for others with out minding your own situation God will never forget you

3. Sometimes after we pray we think God dose not hear us or he is not answering us but no God has time for everything thing on Earth. He knows the best time to answer you.


Prayer protects you from certain things you don't know. Prayer is important in the sense that it is the shortest way to talk to God and he will hear you.


In a Christmas time,

There lived a man and his family, the man was so poor that he couldn't provide for his family for Christmas. On the 24th of December he came back from work around 10:30pm in the night without bring any gift for his family for Christmas. Then his children was crying while he want to console his children, his wife was busy dragging him on the shirt say "Papa amarachi you must kill me oo yo went to work you didn't bring anything for your family" out of frustration and anger he left the house and run to a river bank near there house. Then he saw a box near the river containing small stone then he start throwing them into the river because of sorrow.

He did this till the next morning then the last stone he throw on the river, As the stone was on the air immediately it glow in the sun

and that was then when the man knew that he was throwing coins in the river since and it was a very deep River and he can not go and get the coins back.

Now you see if that the man put God first in anything he do and pray fervently he would have known that it was coins. So put God first in anything you do.

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