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Is Celestial Church a fetish church? Prophet Genesis Oladele answers this important question

Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Genesis global, has  said that the Celestial Church is not fetish contrary to what some people may think about the church. The white garment church prophet who is popularly called prophet genesis said they neither perform rituals nor sacrifices in Celestial Church, but the avenue through which some people come to know the church may be the reason why they say it is fetish. He also blamed this on some unscrupulous persons who took advantage of the good works of the church to scam people.

“Anyone saying a church is bad or good is now occupying the position of God almighty. And God himself did not say one person is good or bad. If there is no unity in the church, how can there be love and progress. The fact that a church is not serving a particular purpose for you, doesn't mean it is not serving a specific purpose for others. As far as I'm concerned, Celestial Church is a good church. The reason why some people say Celestial Church is fetish is because they think everybody that wears the white garment is Celestial church member. There was a time when a lot of supernatural manifestations was happening in celestial church and some unscrupulous people took advantage of that and wore the white garment to give the church a bad name.”

Using himself as an example, he said there are some people who have opened various Facebook page in his name and are using it to scam people. He said, the avenue through which people come to know celestial church is what matters. He said, as for him, when he joined the church, they don't do fetish ceremonies or ritual sacrifices and in his own church today, they also don't do that also, they only fast and pray.


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