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Destroy every Spirit of Untimely DEATH and Sicknesses with these Prayers.

Wherever you are right now, Begin to Declare and Decree these Powerful Prayers against Untimely Death and Life threatening Sickness and Diseases over your life and Family.

Oh God thank you for the daily protection upon my life and Family. Heavenly Father I give you all the glory, honour and Adoration.

Heavenly Father, thank you for preserving me from danger of any kind, shielding me from kidnappers, ritualist and occultic personalities. Receive all Thanksgiving, you alone is worthy to be praised.

Oh God, I refuse to be ungrateful for the daily mercies you have shown to me. I am not better than those lying hopelessly in the hospital and Mortuaries. Thank you Lord for not allowing me to spend all my money on hospital bills and Medications. There is none like unto the oh Lord.

With Faith, Lay your right hand on your Forehead and say these Powerful Prayers.

Oh Lord, every grave that my Enemies and haters have dig on me behalf spiritually, so that I will die for before me time. Oh ye grave, be sealed right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Every evil personalities waiting for the announcement of my obituary, or the obituary of my loved ones. They will not even be alive to see my success. The judgement of the Lord catch up with such personalities.

Oh God, every arrows that has been sent to strike me to Death through accidents of any kind. Oh Lord arise and liberate me, let such arrows be broken into pieces in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

King of Kings redeem my life from every attack in my dream, physically or spiritually. Set me free and Free indeed.

Oh Lord restore my health, the Word of God says by your stripes I am healed. Heal me totally in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Oh Lord let me not die before me time, satisfy me with long life. Let the wicked ones fall into the pit they have dug for me and my loved ones. Shield and cover us with your precious Blood in Jesus Name.

If you believe God has answered, seal your prayers with a Powerful Amen below. Kindly share immediately and follow at the top for more.

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