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Prayer Against The Spirit Of Limitation.

The Spirit of Limitation is a wicked spirit that ensures individuals and sometimes families and even communities don't go beyond a certain level in life. You strive so hard to excel but realize you're barely making headway in life: too much activities, with little or no result to show. Today, we are going to rise up in anger against this Spirit and ask God to destroy it completely in our lives and families in Jesus mighty name.


Heavenly Father, I come to you today in the precious name of Jesus. Arise for me today and put an end to every Spirit of limitation in my life in Jesus name.

Father, any spirit that has vowed I will not move forward in life, let today be the last day they will succeed in my life. Let your fire of vengeance totally consume them in Jesus mighty name.

Father, any man or woman alive that has sworn it is over their dead body that I shall excel in life; let their own words judge and condemn them. Let them fall down dead so I can move forward to become who you destined me to be in Jesus mighty name.

Father, every Spirit of limitation in my marriage, finance, spiritual life, career, etc; put them to shame from today. Let them hide their faces in shame as I rise to the top in Jesus name.

Lord, every Spirit of limitation holding my family back; saying we will remain stagnant, destroy them totally from this day. Let your Spirit blast them to pieces: let them disappear from the face of the earth in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, as the grave could not hold you down after the third day; I decree in your name that no Spirit of limitation can hold me down anymore in Jesus name.

Father, as your Son Jesus rose up from the dead to glory; from today let me also rise up to glory in every area of my life.

I step forward today and decree in the name of Jesus that from now henceforth it is forward ever in every area of my life and backward never. So shall it be in Jesus mighty name.

Thank you, Ancient of Days for answering my prayers. Thank you for permanently destroying every limitation spirit in every area of my life. May your name be exalted from now to eternity in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

Remain blessed in Jesus name.

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Jesus Spirit of Limitation


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