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Today's Prayer: oh Lord, protect me from the plans of the enemies

Life is the greatest gift that money can not buy, for that reason we need divine protection from God almighty because our enemies is out there waiting to kill and destroy our lives.


Dear Lord thank you for the opportunity you have given me to see another new day like this. I ask that you protect me from those who plot to kill and steal my glory, in Jesus name.

Let all evil gang up against my life spiritually and physically be render useless, and let those behind it die, in the name of Jesus. According to your word; you said whoever that diggeth a pit shall fall into it.

Let those digging pit of shame and disappointment carry their load, in Jesus name I pray. Let your hand uphold me today, and curse every evil hands pointing at me for evil, in Jesus name.

Let me be surrounded with new opportunities today and let every other good things delayed in my life due to the work of the evil one's start to manifest from today henceforth, in Jesus name I pray.

Thank you Father, for I know one with you is with majority, once again, I declare I shall not die prematurely, in Jesus name I pray.

Father take control of today I pray through Jesus Christ my Lord.

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