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30 Notable Things To Know In The Bible.

I will be telling you thirty notable things to know in the bible.

(1) Do you know that the first man to be raptured was: Enoch.

(2) The first person to be drunk in the Bible was: Noah.

(3) The first man that Impregnated his two daughters unaware in the Bible was: Lot

(4) The first woman to delivered twins was: Rebecca.

(5) The longest name in the Bible was: Meiherashalahashbash.

(6) The first girl to be raped in the Bible was: Dinah.

(7) The shortest book in the Bible is: 2 John.

(8) The person that rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem was: Nehemiah.

(9) The lady that hide the spies sent to Jericho was: Raha. 

(10) The person that commanded the moon and the sun to stand still in the Bible was: Joshua.

(11) The prophet that was fed by birds in the bible was: Elijah.

(12) The king that has the most peaceful rule in the bible was: King Solomon.

(13) Isaac was 40 years old when he got married in the bible.

(14) The prophet born that revived a dead man in the bible was: Elijah.

(15) God Appeared to Moses in the Bible on the: mountain Horeb.

(16) The people that prayed in Bible and the door of the prison was opened are: Paul and Silas.

(17) The person that asked for head as a gift in the Bible was: Salome.

(18) The king that killed his first son because of war in the Bible was: King mesha of Moab.

(19) The parents of John the Baptist are: Zachariah and Elizabeth.

(20) The parents of king Solomon in the Bible are: David and Bathsheba.

(21) The father of David in Bible was: Jesse.

(22) God destroyed the world two times it was: In the time of Noah and Abraham.

(23) Sarah is the only woman in the Bible that her age became known.

(24) The first Goldsmith in the Bible was: Tubalkain.

(25) Moses died at the age of 120 in the bible.

(26) The person that witnessed Elijah taken up to the heaven in the bible was: Elisha.

(27) The person that took his rod and stretched out his hand upon the water of Egypt and turn it to blood was: Aron.

(28) The name of city of God in the Bible was: New Jerusalem.

(29) The first Joseph's wife in the Bible was: Asenath.

(30) The first Hunter in the Bible was: Esua.

Thanks for reading hope you have learned a lot?

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