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How to Nullify Evil Prophecies Affecting Your Life and Destiny

Prophecies are prediction of future happenings; Prophecies are divinely inspired utterances meant to edify God’s people; prophecies are pronouncement meant to be fulfilled. All through the Bible, you will find so many prophecies and their fulfilment. For example, the prophecy of the coming of Jesus in (Isaiah 9:6;53; Psalm 22) and the prophecies about the end time in (Mathew 24).

It’s true there are divine prophecies but there are also evil prophecies. One the evil prophecies that many people undermine is a CURSE. When the children of Israel came out Egypt, on their way to the promised land, Balak king of Moab went and hired Balaam to curse the children of Israel by making evil pronouncement over them but it backfired because Israel had a perfect relationship with God (Numbers 23:1-11).

There are so many signs that can serve as link to know are under the influence of an evil prophecy:

1.    When you are so confused in life and it’s like you don’t even know how to go about life

2.    When you are under a spell: a spell is an evil control over someone’s life, where he doesn’t even understand what he’s doing. Some ladies cast spell on men to marry them, some men also do likewise  

3.    When you labour so hard and yet nothing moves forward, there is an evil prophecy.

How do these causes come?

1.    By witchcraft agents: they may stand in the coven and say so and so person, it will never be well with you, you will struggle until you die. I also pity ladies who go about sleeping with married men

If the wife of that man is a witch, she will make pronouncement like “my husband, as you go out today, if dare sleep with any woman apart from me, her womb is destroyed.” This is part of why some are barren today. But their powers shall be broken over your life today in the Name of Jesus!!!

2.    It may come through a curse, either by a parent, teacher, boss or a spiritual head over you

3.    Through evil priest like an Herbalist or a Malam consulted by someone to curse your life.

How do you deal with evil prophecies?

1.    Your life must be pure: So long as Israel lived in good relationship with God, the curses of Balaam could not affect them but the moment they deviated, destruction entered their camp. Proverbs 26:2 says, any curse that you don’t have a hand in will not affect you

2.    Fast and pray violently to break it: Mark 9:29, Jesus said, this kind go not out but by fasting and prayer. It took Daddy E.A Adeboye 100days fast to break the curse placed on one his sons in the Lord

3.    See a genuine anointed man of God if there’s need to: When Saul was chasing David, he ran to Samuel the Prophet so if a curse or evil prophecy is chasing you can go to man of God so that God can help you (1Samuel 19:18)

4.   You must be born again: in fact, if you are not born again, you are cursed already (see Galatians3:13; John3:17,18). If you have not given your life to Christ and you want to do so now please say these prayers with me, “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, have mercy on me, forgive my sins and wash me by your Precious Blood, I accept you today as my Lord and personal Saviour. Thank you Lord for am born again, am a child of God. Amen!!”

Go to your closet and pray violently:

1.    My Father, my Father, I renounce any evil utterance made from any high places, altars and shrines that is confronting my destiny by the Blood of Jesus in the Name of Jesus!!!

2.    Witchcraft powers saying NO to THE YES of destiny, as I pray now, catch fire and die!!!

3.    I break by the Blood of Jesus every personal curses, generational curses that is making my life and destiny a ridicule. I am not your candidate, scatter by fire in the Name of Jesus!!!

4.    Any evil Priest or Malan hired to curse me, die now in the Name of Jesus!!! I destroy anything you are using as a point of contact against me by fire of the Holy Ghost!!!

5.    Any evil mirror monitoring my destiny break and scatter by fire in the Name of Jesus!!!

Thank God for the victory. For more prayer points along in this area or to share your testimonies: WhatsApp 07062054267.

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