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Morning prayer: pray this to break every marital crisis and disappointment you face.

Pray these, very well to break every yoke of martial and disappointment.

* Every power that wants me to remain single and shameful from today, be disgraced in Jesus name.

* Any power monitoring my marriage for evil, Holy ghost fire, paralyse them to death and deliver my marriage from satanic bondage now.

* Every power waiting to rejoice overly my martial failure and disappointment, your time is up in my life, be nullified.

* Every spiritual go slow and disappointment affecting my marriage, by fire by force, I escape from the trap today.

* I cancelled every bewitchment against my reproductive organ And childbearing power, in Jesus name.

* Every satanic embargo place upon me by my blood link and family inheritance, be terminated today, in Jesus name.

* All power conspiring with anyone to scatter my life/marriage, loose your hold by fire, in Jesus name.

* Oh Lord, let your divine marital prosperity replace all the anti-marriage course and covenant against my life, in Jesus name.

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