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Powerful Prayers For All Day Blessings: Declare Fruitfulness In Your Life

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Note: The best way to prepare your spirit and body to receive fruitfulness is to confess and declare it.

Here are some declarations to encourage your spirit

Say these prayers today before you leave your house before you go to bed, and before you leave your room in the morning. These prayers are not asking, because God has already giving you all. Claim them in Jesus name, Amen.

Repeat as you read these prayers

1. Oh Lord i am happy to be privileged to give you thanks this day. Thank you for never failing in showing me your love and kindness. Thank you for your grace.

2. (First Ask for forgiveness), The devil wants to chain me with my sins and misdeeds but i am aware of the greater grace that only you, Jehovah gives. The grace to stop sinning, the grace to have you in my heart space. I have received that Grace and live by it always. Lord thank you for giving a listening ear even before i pray and i thank you for answering my prayers as i genuinely come before you.

3. Lord your promises to me are sure. My day is perfect, my night is perfect, my studies are perfect. Your glory is abundant upon me. Your presence overshadows me and gives me directions to life.

4. Lord in the midst of diseases and life threats, i am not affected. I am strong because my God is strong, I am free because my God is a God of freedom.

5. Thank you once again Lord for answered prayers. I know my life is in line with the abundance of properity you have offered to your children. My today is not a waste, my tomorrow is a blessing. AMEN

Kindly forward this prayer to your loved ones.

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