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5 Benefits You Enjoy From God When Godliness Becomes Your Lifestyle As A Christian

It is one thing for you to be a Christian and it is another thing for you to live a life of godliness. The world in which we live today is being ruled by the man of Sin ( Satan ) and his demonic agents. In other words, all manners of sinful acts are having free time amongst masses around the globe.

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Your case should be different as a Christian because the Bible commands you to put up a fight against the forces of sin and unrighteousness - Ephesians 6: 10 - 12 and conquering them equally.

The Bible also states in the book of 1Timothy 4: 8 that " Godliness is profitable unto all things " . This is the reason why there are several priceless blessings and benefits you can get from God when godliness becomes a lifestyle for you and I'll be sharing 5 of them in this article.

5 Benefits You Enjoy When Godliness Becomes Your Lifestyle

1. Access To supernatural Favour ( In The Case Of Joseph )

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Living a godly lifestyle as a Christian guarantees your access to supernatural order of favor that would make all your mockers bow before you.

Using Joseph as a case study from the book of Genesis 39: 3 / 21, you could see how he operated in the realm of supernatural favor both in the prison and in the house of Potiphar as a result of godliness.

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The testimony of Joseph in the book of Genesis 42: 18 was that he feared God. Having the fear of God can also be likened to Godliness and supernatural favor is one of the benefits you get.

2. Divine Health And Vitality - John 5: 14

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You must take note of the fact that many sicknesses and diseases are caused by sins.

A man living with infirmity for 38 years was brought to Jesus and after he was healed, Jesus Christ commanded him to go and sin no more or otherwise, a sickness worse than the former would come upon him.

This shows that living in Sin attracts sicknesses and infirmities while Godliness on the other hand brings divine health and vitality.

3. Supernatural Deliverance In Times Of Trouble - Psalm 34: 7

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There is a biblical assurance and promise for every righteous and Godly person in the kingdom. The above scripture makes it known that the Angel of the Lord is with everyone that fears God and they will also deliver such people, including you in time of trouble.

4. Access To Divine Secrets - Psalm 25: 14

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God has promised to reveal his secrets and show his covenant to you when Godliness becomes your lifestyle.

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Proverbs 9: 10 paraphrase states that the fear of the lord in your life is the beginning of your wisdom and the knowledge of the righteous is a good understanding. This connotes your access to divine secrets all through.

5. Generational Prosperity

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According to the book of proverbs 20: 7, the generations of a Godly and righteous man would enjoy blessings and prosperity. If you want to enjoy generational prosperity, then key into Godliness.

I am very sure you'll not like to miss out on these benefits from God. They can all be yours If you will only hearken to the commandments of Scripture by ensuring that Godliness becomes your new lifestyle henceforth.

Which of the following benefits do you desire to have dearly?

Please share your thoughts and contributions in the comments section below.

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