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Check Out The Alleged Skull Of Goliath Which Was Discovered By A German Doctor

At the base of Mt. Elah, Goliath's head has been exhumed.

The original skull of Goliath, who lived thousands of years ago, is still intact, and to add to the this, (the killer stone) which was shot by David and killed Goliath, is still intact.

Dr. Martin, a German archeologist, uncovered the skull, and the stone remains as proof that the Bible's tale was and is still correct. Goliath was 9 feet tall, according to the Bible's story in 1 Samuel 17 verse 4.

Now, take a look at the photograph and tell me if that isn't a giant's skull you see. This is for the skeptics out there who still don't believe in the Bible. I hope it makes you reconsider your position.

Another item the Bible mentioned was the end of the world and its attributes, which included pestilence, war, hatred, and natural disasters. Now look into it, Pestilence (Corona virus), war(Iran and isreal saga), hatred(I don't even need to explain this one), natural disasters (tsunamis,earthquakes and forest fire that has been happening around the world.

So as christians and non-believers, it is time we finally believe that Jesus is real and everything that has to do with Christianity and the creation of the world is also real. We should all be prepared because most of the things happening in the our world today, are the end time signs mentioned in the book revelation.

Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something today

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