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Husband and wife relationship

4 pieces of advice Faith Oyedepo gave to single ladies as she discloses what attracted her to Bishop

Mrs Faith Oyedepo has given some pieces of advice to young ladies on choosing their life partner but should not be blinded by what the physical things they see. She said material things can be deceptive and should not be taken as the major criteria before marrying someone. Speaking on the pattern of a Kingdom Message, she told her congregation that they should allow God direct their paths during marriage.

Mrs Faith Oyedepo is the wife to Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder and General Overseer of Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel.

Speaking further, she said young people should not be blinded by things that only physical eyes can see. She said the most important parts of human beings can only be revealed by the Spirit of God. Quoting from the Scripture, she said; "For we walk by faith and not by sight."

Mrs Oyedepo also gave some pieces of advice to young ladies and said they should depend on man for the right person do them. She also revealed that she married her husband, Bishop Oyedepo, when there was nothing physically attractive about him.

In this post, we will look at four pieces of advice given by Mrs. Faith Oyedepo to young people concerning choosing life partner.

1. "If I Didn’t Say Yes To Bishop Oyedepo When There Was Nothing Physically Attractive About Him You Won’t See Me Here Today":

She claimed that she married her husband when there was nothing physically attractive about him but today, the story has changed.

Mrs Oyedepo said young people should not worry only about the physical attraction when choosing their partner.

2. "Young People Don't Ever Be Blinded By The Things Only Physical Eyes Can See":

She also said sometimes, physical appearance might not allow people to see the good qualities of the person they want to marry. Mrs. Oyedepo advised the young people never to be blinded by the things only the physical eyes can see.

3. "Bishop Oyedepo Showed Me The Covenant He Had With God":

Revealing what attracted her to marry Bishop Oyedepo, she said her husband showed her the covenant he had with God. She advised young ladies to always know the dream and future ambition of their partner rather than judging from present physical appearances.

4. "In The Physical, There Was Nothing Attractive About Him, But I Knew A Life Dedicated Unto God Has The Greatest Future":

Mrs Faith Oyedepo also claimed that there was nothing attractive about her husband before she agreed to marry him but she knew that his life was dedicated to serve God and he has a great future.

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