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Why most people go to church every Sunday without being blessed

The Bible says honour the Sabbath day to keep it holy. The Sabbath day is expected to be a holy day set aside for God, but most people has turned it into something else.

See the reason why people don't get blessed during the service.

1) Most people don't come to church with the aim of having an encounter with God. They come to church because that's how it has being,that's how they've been coming and that's how they'll keep coming. Change your mindset, come with the mindset of receiving and you will be blessed

2)They still carry the burden of the previous week to church:- Some people are so depressed by happenings in the previous week,they let this have dominion over them even in church,they don't feel happy,they just come to church with participating in anything.

3)Come to Church for show off:- the reason why most people come to church is because they want to show people they've got anew dress and a new pair of shoes. That's not what God is looking for in a believer.

4)Most people don't like staying inside the church they just go in and out. You never can tell what part of the service you'll get your blessings.

5)Most people operate their phones in the service,this distract you totally from what is going on in the Church.

God doesn't expect all these from a believer, he wants a sincere believer and a true worshipper. May God endow us grace to be a better person in Jesus name.

Happy Sunday

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