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5 important rules every Muslim should follow during the holy month of Ramadan

As this year's Ramadan program commences, there are certain rules, every fasting Muslims must follow so that Almighty Allah can accept our fast as an act of Ibadah.

1. Purity:

It's the month of purification, so all our words, acts and deeds must be pure during this holy month. Evil words such like cursing and abusing must stay far away from our tongue.

2. Observing the Solat:

Ramadan is more than fasting, it is also essential for us to pray. Observe the Solat, pray to Almighty Allah your creator. Ask him for forgiveness and ask Him to help you trust and worship him the more.

3. Giving to the needy:

If you have in surplus, don't forget to give to those around you who doesn't have. May Allah accept our Zakat as an act of Ibadah.

4. Forgiveness:

This is not the time to harbour hatred towards your friends or neighbours. Forgive everyone so Allah can also forgive you.

5. Have the intention to fast:

It's not good if you are being forced or coerced to fight. As a Muslim, it is what we are meant to do. Have the intention to fast and may Allah bless you immeasurably.

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