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Lessons Every Muslim Should Learn From Prophet Muhammad After A Cat Slept On His Cloth

Prophet Muhammad is regarded as the most powerful person on the planet. His teachings and practices are extensively read and passed down across the world. He came to teach AlLaah's love and oneness.

He taught us in his lessons that every thing deserves to be cherished and cared for. When he was sitting there one day, a cat sat down and then slept on his cloth, according to reports. And when he noticed the cat was sound asleep, he tore the side of his cloth where the cat had laid since he was too caring and compassionate to disturb the cat's sleep.

What greater love exists for humanity?

Nonetheless, some will label him a terrorist. As a despotic tyrant who only preached war. It is not he who preaches what we see on television and read in the press; it is individuals or organizations who pulverize what his religion genuinely taught: love.

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