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When Satan Came Into The Garden Of Eden, He Did Not Have Any Power—K. Copeland

Pastor Kenneth Copeland, the founder and presiding Pastor of the Texas based Kenneth Copeland Ministries has taken to his official Facebook page to share a message about some of the happenings in the Garden of Eden that we need to know and the consequences in the aftermath.

As shared by the cleric, he has revealed in his words that, Eve was deceived in the garden of Eden by the serpent, who beguiled her to eating the forbidden fruit that God has warned Adam not to eat. However, Adam though was not deceived but listened to his wife and ate from the fruit. Thereby disobeying God. As shared by the cleric, right before then, when Satan Came Into the garden of Eden that day, he did not have any power at all. He had to come in like a sneak, not even talking to Adam directly but talking to his wife.

As revealed by the cleric, Adam should have kicked him out, right there but instead, he set aside the command God had given him and did what Satan told him to do instead—when he did that, he made Satan his lord. In bowing his knee to Satan, by going against the command of God in eating the forbidden fruit, Adam gave Satan the authority that God had given man. He made Satan the illegitimate ruler of the earth. Satan was then empowered, and the authority that was given to Adam passed, stealthily and dubiously to him. Immediately things changed. Through one man’s trespass, death passed to all men. The earth and everything in it were suddenly cursed.

As shared by the cleric, Satan ceased to be the sole illegitimate ruler of the earth when the Lord Jesus Christ came and died for the world. Hence, making all human race worthy of redemption, and a second chance before God. According to the cleric, the moment you made Jesus Christ Lord of your life, you were delivered from the lordship of Satan. You were redeemed from the curse. However the curse still lingers but, having given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, you now have dominion over the curse, and the promise of eternal life after this earth.

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