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Convicted Prophet, Israel Ogundipe Released From Prison, Stages Glorious Return

Prophet Israel Ogundipe, the Senior Shepherd-in-Charge of the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Global, has been delivered from jail. 

This is as he joined individuals from his congregation for Sunday administration. At the point when he entered the premises of the Church, the admirers were upbeat. 

In a video posted on Instagram by the congregation, the indicted minister was seen driving applause and love. 

The PUNCH had announced that the Court of Appeal in Lagos has allowed Ogundipe a post-conviction bail. 

A three-man board on April 1 allowed Ogundipe abandon the ground of medical issue. 

Equity Olabisi Akinlade had on November 18 condemned the well known prophet to one-year detainment for changing a lady's property over to his own utilization and taking. 

The court had seen Ogundipe as blameworthy of taking and unlawful transformation of the property of a London-based modeler, Mrs Oladele Williams-Oni. 

Ogundipe, who was charged on seven tallies verging on getting by taking, instigating conveyance of cash misrepresentations affectations, unlawful transformation of property and falsification, deceitfully gathered N14m and £12,000 in different tranches from the complainant between August 30, 2002 and 2005. 

Equity Akinlade, who saw Ogundipe as liable on two counts of stealing and unlawful conversion of property not delivered, condemned him to one-year detainment on each tally and requested that he should pay the complainant the amount of N11m, which he got from her wrongfully. 

Disappointed with the judgment, Ogundipe, through his guidance, Babatunde Ogala (SAN), moved toward the allure court for bail forthcoming the knowing about the allure and an application to suppress the conviction. 

Ogala contended the TV preacher was diabetic, could at this point don't follow a severe eating regimen and the consistent particular clinical consideration in authority, which had negatively affected his wellbeing made him "skinny in appearance." 

Conveying the decision, Justice Abudullhai Bayero said, "There are standards for giving a convict bail. These incorporate that the candidate should be a first-time wrongdoer or have a genuine medical issue. 

"The candidate looking for bail forthcoming allure under the watchful eye of the court is a first-time guilty party and he has additionally appeared to the court that he is having hypertension, peptic ulcer, ceaseless intestinal sickness, and diabetes, which are not kidding medical issue."

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