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Pastor W.F Kumuyi Perspective Towards Television

Pastor W.F Kumuyi,

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, is the founder of Deeper Christian Life Ministries. According to pastor w.f. kumuyi, responded when he was interviewed in a concluded crusade Abuja Stadiums before covid-19, according to pastor, that, Television is Just Like An idol because it does't allowed new-convert to get rooted in the words of God.

that watching television is not a sin, but is what an individuals tuned to watched, is actually what is sins against the Lord. James 4:17.That any things that will cause defilement should not be allowed to be in our home. And should be put away and be burned.

That people use television without controlling it. That television has done a lots of evil to our youths, such as hiding their career objects, easy way to corrupt our kid, it can cause eyes problems, Television can also cause crises in marriage, hiders our spiritual growth, because of unnecessary distraction. Pastor w.f. kumuyi gave examples of a man that fasted and was praying for God to deliver him from immorality, only for him to tuned up his television to listen to 9pm news, naked music pictures dancing was the first to displayed. That is defilement. And That, His fasting and prayers was affected.

According to pastor w.f kumuyi is good, for a heavenly minded believer to do away with any things that can corrupts the souls, that what a believer will watch? that defile our body. The church has more than one million members in over 60, actually many will see reasons to avoids and many will also processed it at their various home. W.F. Kumuyi, advice his members, to learn how to do away with any things that will distract or will bring worldly things to their soul.

These rights, as being practiced in the Deeper Life Bible Church, are the ... compulsory return of the deflected members to their parent churches…4 ... for any work they can do with their hands and intelligence not necessarily in ... cannot wear lace materials and „Aso-Oke‟36 clothes, neither can they buy or watch television ...

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, finally advice his members, that if you can controlled television, Keep it. But if television will an idols that will hiders you from getting to the promise home burned it.

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