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Check out this 10 Eid Mubarak outfit worn by beautiful Muslim ladies

The Holy month of Ramadan which began in the evening of Monday, April 12, 2021, came to end, May 12, 2021, as Muslims around the world welcome the month of Shawwal with Eid-al-Fitr which is the festival marking the end of the fast of Ramadan.

As we all know, the Holy month of Ramadan was a month observed by Muslims around the world to fast, pray, reflect, self-improve and devote themselves to their creator. Ramadan involved Muslims abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

After sighting of the Crescent moon, Muslims welcome the month of Shawwal(yesterday, 14th May), wishing their loves ones Eid Mubarak(an Arabic term that means “Blessed Feast/festival”.) as they celebrated it well by looking good, visiting their family and friends, and given alms to the poor and needy.

Lots of Muslims and celebrity worldwide took to their social media pages to share their festival wears with the hashtag EidMubarak, with all of them looking beautiful and outstanding.

Some EidMubarak photos that caught my eyes Shared viaTwitter

1. Babyn Mo Salah

2. Almas Eve

3. Naratu

4. Amina Shahi

5. The Zhully

6. Danejo

7. Nafeesat MK

8. Attuh

9. Ammeeiyrah

10. Zarawalil


Although not a Muslim, Florence ifeoluwa Otedola well know as Cuppy took part in the #EidMubarak as she shared her lovely attire on her tweet post.

Dj Cuppy

Wish is your favorite? If you are a Muslim let know you, share your EidMubarak pics via the comment section.

Note: you can click on the names to via the post on twitter

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